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"Now I'm the one who gets upset," Mirtha and Fede Bal pirou turned!

The Mirtha Legranda table is a stage where there are very interesting and hilarious crosses that continue to attract many Argentines who unconditionally follow the diva. With a never-seen-before trajectory, Mirtha managed to become a great legend, just as she was responsible for confirming on several occasions.

This Sunday, in a new edition of his classic lunches, Mirtha had a fun exchange with one of the guests of the most famous table in the country, actor Federico Ball. It happens that Carmen Barbieri's son has started talking about many of the criticisms he has received for his alleged overweight, something that definitely doesn't fit at all.

"Being told that I'm fat makes me laugh, you have to feel good and love yourself," Fede said when asked by the driver. "The public requires you to be thin because you are gallant," Mirtha began in a startled look at the actor, who questioned this qualification, though the diva was responsible for reaffirming it, saying it could also be confirmed by his "conquests." .

"I could have had nice conquests, but what you told me made me blush. Mirtha told me that if I was a couple of years old, I would fall in love with me, that's the best compliment they've ever told me," Federico recalled to the unexpected compliment that Chiqui made some time ago in the second edition of his legendary program, which aired on Channel Thirteen.

"Now I'm the one who gets upset," Mirtha joked about the words she said a few months ago. Then the conductor decided to praise the actor in a very direct way. "If I was 40 years old, I would also fall in love with you," the diva said at the time, referring to the great conquests Bal had during her life.

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