Friday , January 22 2021

One by one of the rivers analyzes individual singles of river players in the first Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores.

Franco Armani (7): Saved the river of defeat in one of the last games with the big cap Benedetto. However, Bocin's first goal comes from the stick she covered; in the second I did not have much work.

Gonzalo Montiel (5): He was good as an attack option, but he was not right with the centers and could not use his good performances.

Jonatan Maidana (4): improper ball and regular in his defense work. Without big quites and sometimes lost with Wanchope Ábila.

Lucas Martinez Quarta (4): he was playful in the first goal of the Boca and left a clear chance at the beginning of the game by dropping the header from that area.

Javier Pinola (7): Of the most powerful lines of five rivers. The most lenient defense with a clean ticket so as not to risk the warning and miss the next game.

Milton Casco (4): He did not have a good game, was wrong several times in the passes and was disconnected from the midfield in a more advanced position than usual.

Exequiel Palacios (5): The young militant member of the Millionaire did not show his usual level. Enzo Perez was watching in the second half, at the beginning of the game he was disoriented.

Enzo Pérez (5): Little participation, I leave the ball to the central players from the exit of millionaires. His best version was seen in the second half, which appears in the design of the game, which serves as an aid in approving team breaks at best Boke.

Gonzalo Martínez (7): Along with Pinol, it was the best river. He made a great free kick that contained Rossi and threw the brilliant center of Martinez Quarti, which could mean 1-0. In addition, he placed the ball at the right place for 2-2.

Rafael Santos Borré (4): in the only one he had, Colombian could not make a clear header from the inside, which is not far enough to overcome Rossi. In addition, he lost Benedict in the second goal of Boke.

Lucas Pratto (6): A Great Definition in the First Goal Game and did the job sacrificed during the game so that it would always be possible to take over the middleweight defenders.


Ignacio Fernández (4): 57 minutes into Lucas Martínez Quarta. He did not have a good intervention, and his entry did not clarify the setting of games on the river.

Bruno Zuculini (-): Enzo Pérez was in the 73th minute. Little time in the field to qualify.

Juan Fernando Quintero (-): 75 minutes into the game Gonzalo Martínez. Little time in the field to qualify.

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