Tuesday , May 18 2021

Pablo could lose Pabla Perez, who appears on the radar of three Brazilian giants

Pablo Pérez could leave Boca. After defeating the River in the Copa Libertadores final, three giants of Brazilian football have been looking for Xeneize tie-ups, which for now did not rule out anything.

Pérez, who has a contract until June 2020, would analyze the possibility change the air, Gustavo Alfar's arrival and a bad result at Superfinal could have led Captain Boca to seek a new destination.

Santos, San Pablo and Flamengo, three giants of Brazilian soccer, will try to convince Perez. But San Pablo is the team that appears as one of the most interested. Once the holiday is over, the footballer will have to analyze the steps to follow.

Bottle, I would allow Perez to do so in the event of a bid which exceeds a million and a half dollars, From the xenise institutions, they consider that, for less, they do not even sit for conversation.

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