Monday , May 17 2021

PASO began in Chubut: Governor Arcioni has already voted and called for the participation of the entire community "regardless of political color"

In the midst of an emergency economic crisis as background and recurring unpaid obligations in paying property to the state, Chubut decides today in PASS candidates who will compete for governors on June 9, 13 intentions and seats in the provincial parliament.

Not all municipalities signed the elections, with which 14 other municipalities will define their candidates in August and October, in accordance with the schedule of national elections.

in a total of ten leaves measure their strength and only the Justicialist Party will solve its internal. There are three Peronist candidates who want to challenge the rule of the scribe Mariano Arcioni, a former political dungeon of the late leader, Mary Dasa Neves, whose administration is being investigated together with the local business community due to poor governance and scandalous bribery in public works.

After 10 hours, Arcioni voted in School No. 1 Comodoro Rivadavia and invited the local community to participate in surveys "regardless of political color".

Adenas, the governor commented on Cambiemos's nomination, Gustavo Mennom. "Dr. Menna sent me a message yesterday, I called him by phone, and he spoke quite rightly."

For her part, Menna was voted at the same time as her rival in the same city. The current national deputy for the changes stressed that "people can pronounce and choose."

The main discussion within the PJ fragmented by the historical territorial problem is guided by a moderate temperament, with careful attention to the necessary adjustments to harmonize the voices in the general. Communal Head of Comodoro Rivadavia, Kirchner Carlos Linares, and exvicegobernador during the management of Martín Buzzi, Gustavo Mac Karthy, the moderate Peronist, without recognized national alignment, are described as favorites. Likewise, it seems that Omar Burgo, an intendant of a small locality since July 28, lagged behind in research.

Candidate Cambiemosa, National Deputy of Radical Extraction, Gustavo Mennawill try to repeat the good results he achieved in the 2017 parliamentary elections, gaining Congress and remaining under Arcion with a small difference of 5800 votes.

The general feeling of macro-economic management and high inflation does not favor Mennu, who during his campaign has skillfully focused on strict provincial issues and promises transparency to the administration with suggestions such as the abolition of privileges. provincial governments and the approval of local law on extinction of domains.

However, the problems of corruption dominated by Chubut's daily rosters for more than a year have not revealed 442,344 voters, worried about red public accounts, lack of employment, and the absence of national and provincial public works. .

Arcioni, on the other hand, starts from this unfavorable context, promising a fierce opposition to national policies, which blames the loss of benefits for the province.

There are 7334 more voters in this election compared to 2017, and 6635 votes (1.5% of the voter list) are required for participation in the general elections. According to election law, in charge of oversight, the winner's preference might be known just before the 22nd.

Below all the lists that are measured in PASS:

CHUCK OF FRONT: a coalition founded by a party founded by Mario Das Neves, Chubut Somos Todos, with a local peronist identity and Partido Acción Chubutense (PACH). The current Governor Mariano Arcioni was deployed as Deputy Ricardo Sastre, Mayor of Puerto Madryn.

CHUBUT CHANGE: Alliance Changing radicalism and PRO leads to radical and national deputy Gustava Menne as candidate for URC governor and lawyer María Fernand Abdal as vice president.

The Justinist block, aglutinated under the nickname of the Patriotic Front of Chubutense, armed a coalition with the truck driver union, the Party of Culture, Education and Work, along with other expressions of local chirurgism. In PASO will present three lists.

CHUBUTENSE FEDERATION: Joint Chief Comodoro Rivadavie, Kirchner Carlos Linares, will be attended by a councilor from Puerto Madryna, Claudia Bard.

CHUBUTENE UNITGustavo Mac Karthy, former vice governor during Martina Buzzi's administration and former mayor of Trelew, has Marian Fernandez as vice-president.

CHUBUTENE FEDERALISM: Mayor of the city 28 Julia Omar Burgoa leads Valeriana Galone.

Left and independent blocks

SOCIAL POLO: Governor, Oscar Petersen; Deputy, Mario Triviño.

SOCIALIST AUTHENTICITY: Governor José Luis Giussi; deputy, Alipio Salinas.

SOCIAL MOVEMENT OF EMPLOYEES (MST): Governor, Maximiliano Masquijo; Deputy, Lucia Sandoval.

Chubut's step
RADNA PARTIJA: Governor, Gloria Sáez; deputy, Daniela Gordiola.

PERSONAL PITCH (PITCH): Governor Carlos Wohn; powders, Maira Frías.

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