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Play on the gigantic metal head of the dog at Fortnite

Play on a gigantic metal head is the third stage of dancing challenges at the top of the solar clock Week 9 in Season 7 of Fornite, Here's a guide to tell you how to overcome this challenge phase so that you can jump directly from the combat bus and so raise your combat level a bit more.

To complete this challenge, you must complete the other two stages of the challenge and you can do it with our dance lesson in Fortune and dance in a gigantic cup of coffee. Also, you have to know where the gigantic metal head of dogs is at Fortnite, something we will detail in detail below.

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Play the gigantic metal head of the dog at Fortnite to finish the third stage of the challenge

As in the previous case, the metal head of the dog has been there for a long time … but would you know where to tell us? If you do not locate it, we'll tell you that it's at Chiringuito Chatarra's entrance, that's the signal of a yellow crane. In case you do not know which area of ​​the map is here we will show you:

where the puppy's head is strong

You have to dance right over your dog's head, not on a crane or anywhere else. This is a very narrow area, so try to drop directly to your head and drop off quickly and supply Chiringuito Chatarra (usually the weapon is very close to the entrance, to the ground).

where the dog's head is strong

Now you know how to complete the dances at the top of the huge metal head of dogs at Fortnite. If you need more help for season 7, here you can see how to win more XP and increase the speed up to 7 tips and tricks to take advantage of all 7th season news, discover 50 tricks to help you win games, the best weapon 7. season (updated by January 2019) or the best creative mode (and access codes).

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