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Pokemon GO will no longer support iOS 9 soon

If you play Pokémon GO on your iOS device, pay attention, as Niantic announced that the title will no longer be supported by the version of the system. Throughout the statement, the company discovered that it will not be possible to access the game on iOS devices soon 9.

This measure will come into effect after 12 November. Niantic recommended players update iOS 10 operating systems to have the ability to continue using Pokémon GO.

The publication clarifies that Android users and Apple devices with version 10 or later will not be affected. If you are in such a situation, you will not have to take any action on it.

"If you are unsure which version of iOS is installed on your Apple device, you can find this information in your device settings. Choose Settings> General> Information," wrote Niantic.

The company explained that iOS 9 was introduced in 2015 and throughout the years that have undergone important improvements to the operating system. By removing compatibility with this version, developers will have the opportunity to focus on state-of-the-art systems.

"The vast majority of Apple users migrated to iOS 10 and later, as players move from earlier versions of the operating system to the newer, periodically update our requirements for compatible devices to focus on devices that our players use," concluded Niantic.

Among the improvements that are planned for the title is the Sincroaventura system, which will allow the game to capture your steps without the need to open the application.

Pokémon GO Available for iOS and Android devices. Go to this link to see more news related to it.

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