Monday , May 17 2021

Portfolio stock market closed almost stably (the country's risk decreases again)

Major downturns were recorded by Edenora shares (-4.3%), Mirgora (-4.2%) and Comercial Del Plata (2.7%)., Significant growth recorded by Petrobras (1.9%), Aluar (1.5%) and Ternium (1.1%).

The country's risk re-strengthens, after reaching four-year maximum, at the time when government bonds recovered due to portfolio rebuild, traders said.

the country's risk reference value, measured by JP Morgan's bank, was 769 units, after moving about 838 units in the last week of 2018, the highest value since October 2014.

At the same time, Wall Street crumbled once Apple lowered sales forecasts and lost nearly 10%, and the United States showed unexpected weaknesses in its manufacturing sector.

Industrial Average Dow Jones lost 2.8% to 22,686.42 points, Nasdaq sank 3.1% to 6,457.13, and S & P 500 dropped 2.5% to 6,457.13, according to preliminary figures.

Apple's share had the worst day from 2013 to 10% to $ 142.19 and the company has lowered its market value by about $ 75,000 million.

Apple said it saw "a sudden economic downturn" than it had expected in China and emerging markets, which, in addition to the commercial struggle between Washington and Beijing, would force it to sell fewer iPhones, its leading product.

"The local market is associated with avatars coming north, where Wall Street fell five days after bad news about Apple," said Eduardo Fernandez, Rave Bursátil.


In the fixed income segment, the major government bonds denominated in dollars are closed differently, Bonar 2024 grew by 0.7%, while Argentine law was up 1.7% and 100-year bond by 2.9%; while Bonar 2020 dropped by 0.4%.

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