Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Possible punishment a hurricane could get

Hurricane victory over San Lorenzo overshadowed a a shameful fact that happened at halftime.

According to the judge’s version Fernado Espinoza. Alexander overtime and a large group of people visited him in the locker room and pressed him for some decisions that made noise during the first 45 minutes.

For his part, the Globe president has come out to deny the referendum story and denied that everything Espinoza said was a lie: "No one from the hurricane went to the judge's locker room."

However, the referee of the match raised the minutes, filed a proper complaint about what happened now the situation was left to the AFA disciplinary court, who will need to resolve the issue and issue a sanction.

At first, he had been speculating with him ability to remove points to the Patricios Park team, but in the end it won't happen.

TNT Sports journalist Hernán Castillo has revealed that sanctions he can deal with can be economic fine and possible suspension of Tomás A. Ducó Stadium.

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