Tuesday , May 18 2021

Prepare to turn Earth tomorrow at full speed

It will do it more than 3,000 miles an hour of common things when it is set to be closer to the Sun in its annual orbit

January 3 The earth will be in perihellies, closer to the Sun in its annual orbit, which will produce its maximum orbital speed, accelerating an average of 3,420 kilometers per hour.

Earth turns around the Sun, with an elliptical trajectory of 930 million kilometers, with an average speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour, meaning a distance travel in 365 days and almost 6 hours, so every four years account for a snoozed year.

However, according to the second Kepler law, the speed of the translation varies, rising to maximum in the perihelija – the shortest distance from the Sun – from 110,700 kilometers per hour, and is reduced to a minimum in appeal, with 103,536 kilometers an hour, difference greater than 7,000 kilometers per hour.

Perennial 2019 will happen tomorrow at 2.15 in Argentina, from a distance of only 147 million kilometers.

The appellant will be on July 5, 2019, about 5 million kilometers. The average distance of the Sun is an average of 150 million kilometers.

The appellation reaches 152.09 million kilometers, and in the perihelion it sits at 147.10 million kilometers.

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