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Psycho 16, an asteroid that can control the global economy

In recent days, NASA has discovered that it closely follows an asteroid near the Earth with enough gold and platinum to generate cataclysm in a global economy.

It was called Psycho 16, made of solid metal and close to the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. "The mysterious object is filled with lots of platinum, iron and nickel," added local US media.

They calculate that the asteroid contains about 75,000 trillion dollars worth of raw material, the amount closely related to the mining industry.

"This means that if the asteroid gets back to Earth, it will ruin the price of basic products and could cause a collapse of the world economy, worth $ 75.5 billion," experts say.

"Suddenly we met with Psyche 16, but its potential to eradicate the wasteland on Earth," they added. With exploration of the mines in the universe, new scenery opens because there are hundreds of asteroid-like asteroids.

In 2015, legal ownership of asteroids is legalized. However, hunting for these cosmic giants takes a lot of time and a million dollars of investment.

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