Monday , May 17 2021

Quique Sacco devoted an emotional message to Débori Pérez Volpin on his birthday

Death of journalists and legislators Débora Pérez Volpin, at the beginning of this year, will undoubtedly continue to provoke anxiety, and your loved ones always have this in mind and reflect it through social networks. This Sunday, Enrique Sacco, shared a picture of how he laughed and followed some honest words on the day his partner was 51.

"For this special day I chose one of the many healthy times of our happy times, December 30, on the day of the birth of a wonderful woman, Today I offer you for your eternal love and memorable memories," he wrote.

Pérez Volpin He died at age 50 on February 6 in the middle of endoscopy at the La Trinidad spa in Palermo. The case for his death was filed by Judge Carlos Bruniard. Physician Diego Bialolenkier and anesthesiologist Nélida Inés Puente, who carried out endoscopy, will be sentenced for criminal murder, which was punished by imprisonment for one to five years and a sentence of five to ten years.

After 12 years of program co-organizer The Supreme Argentinians, He resigned in 2017 to become a lawmaker for the then Suma + party, which later became Evolución, led by Martino Lousteau.

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