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Real Madrid has announced a superfinal statement

Bottles and rivers will end the final series Copa Libertadores de Amrica in Spain, more than 10,000 miles from where the game should be played originally. The duel between the two most popular clubs in the country will be appealing to residents of the Spanish capital, who will attend the stadium at a good level. Real Madrid, Merengue Club issued an official statement when it was learned that a decisive match was played in Santiago Bernabu.

The entire Spanish capital has published this publication on its official website while the president CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domnguez, spoke to the media in Asunc. The Spanish club's statement indicates the time and date for this decisive match to be played, and other important sports events that took place in the mythical stadium that Real Madrid has and which will soon begin to be transformed.

Florentino Prez, president of the acting post meringue, was the key to unblocking the situation that lived in Conmebol. Whether it was outside Asuncina, no headquarters was convincing. Both Miami and Doha, the most exotic option, have lost ground. Americans say that the Hard Rock Caf stadium has to host a football match in Miami Dolphins, while the capital of Qatar lost ground due to the conflict that this country has with the United Arab Emirates, home of the World Cup.

That's the mandam Madrid saw the opportunity and convinced the leaders CONMEBOL to finally move to the capital of Spain. As published in the country's media, Prez first talked with Gianni Infantino to announce his intent, and FIFA's president stepped forward to make it happen. So the final Copa Libertadores de Amrica will play for the first time outside the continent.

Real Madrid statement:

Santiago Bernabu Stadium will host the Copa Libertadores final between River Plate and Boca Juniors. The meeting will be held on Sunday, 9 December, at 8:30. Conmebol has stated in this statement that Bernabu is the place where the game is to be decided.

Since its inception in 1947, Santiago Bernabu hosted major international events. Among them are four European Cup finals: Real Madrid 2-0 Fiorentina (1957), Milan 4-1 Ajax (1969), Nottingham Forest 1-0 Hamburg (1980) and Bayern Mnich 0-2 Inter (2010). In addition, he hosted the European Championship final of 1964 between Spain and the Soviet Union (2-1) and the 1982 World Cup between Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany (3-1).

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