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Reasons to choose iPhone 7 instead of the latest generation

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, 7 might be the best option, compared to those available. Many times, furnishing the latest generation is not the best. We'll tell you a reason.

Reasons why you should buy iPhone 7 instead of 8, XS, XS Max, or XR.


According to the capacity, iPhone 7 ranges from 10,999 to 13,499 pcs. The IPhone 7 Plus ranges from 13,999 to 16,499 pcs.

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XR ranges from 18,499 to 22,199 pcs. For its part, the iPhone 8 goes from 14,799 to 20,699 pcs (depending on version and capacity). IPhone XS is between 24,499 and 32,999 pcs, while XS Max ranges from 26,999 to 35,499 pcs.

Best iOS experience

IPhone 7 is compatible with iOS 12, this operating system version works on the latest iPhone and provides the same experience. On the contrary, due to these updates, older phones improve their performance.

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It's lighter and lighter

The iPhone 8 is powered wirelessly, and the back of the phone has changed. They came back to the glass, which made the phone harder and thicker.

Also, personally, when I was going to buy the iPhone 8, the seller told me that if the back of the phone crashes or pauses, you have to replace the whole piece because it's battery and wireless charging. So, what I've suggested is paying for Apple Care. No Thanks

3D touch

For iPhone XR, the 3D touch-screen option that opens the view or menu in apps, and some features are no longer included. This opens to the force with which the screen is pressed.

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IPhone 7 has a better screen

In addition to the 3D touch capabilities, the resolution of the iPhone XR is 750p, while the resolution is close to 1080p.

Best processor

Thanks to the iPhone 7 has the Apple A10 chip processor, it can run the iOS 12 version.

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