Saturday , September 18 2021

Renewable energy sources: they open a windmill factory after investing $ 22 million

Mauricio Macri with Rubén Cherajovsky at the Newsan factory Source: Télam

The mantra Ruben Cherajovsky repeats is "you have to adapt to the context and be open for new jobs," and that's what your company Newsan is doing, which is why
president and founder: before the fall of small appliance consumption,
transformed the plant into the ones that have produced them in a modern wind turbine plant (windmill) of the latest technology.

Namely, yesterday at noon were inaugurated in Buenos Aires

operations of this factory, which are linked Newsan and Danish Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer. Along with representatives of two companies, suppliers and clients, the President of the Nation was present at the event,

Mauricio Macri
; Minister of Production,

Dante Sica
, and the energy secretary in the country,

Javier Iguacel

"The start of wind turbine production marks the milestone in our company's history, is based on the diversification strategy, and our vision is to enter and become a relevant player in renewable energy business." Innovation and betting on new companies "Cherajovsky said shortly after visiting the chairman and plant officials.

After receiving a mill in the wind as a gift, Macri emphasized that since his arrival in the Government, he proposed the promotion of renewable energies. "And we are committed to 20% of electricity demand for renewable energy by 2025, but we have almost 200 green electricity projects in 21 provinces, and we are promoting the construction of 63 wind farms. Thanks to all of this, we invested like this company [Vestas], which decided to install part of its production chain here, "he said.

A few minutes ago, Jean-Marc Lechêne, Global Operations Director Vestas, said: "This alliance enables us to significantly expand our productive capacity."

The start of this factory, which invested USD 22 million, creates nearly 200 direct and 500 indirect jobs. The wind turbines to go there (already two) have, according to Cherajovsko, a secured claim. "Mainly the local market will be delivered, but the idea is to export," he said.

What will be strictly produced in Campania will be what is called the "nacelle", which is the main component of the wind turbine that is located above the tower where the wind turbine transmission and generation train are located. Cherajajski explained it in a simple way: "It's the heart and brain of the windmill".

Finished "nacelles" weigh 75 tons and measure 10 meters long. Complete wind turbines that will leave this plant will have the capacity to produce 4.2 MW power each.

The founder of Newsana commented that his main job was still household appliances, but he explained that in some cases he stopped production in the country to start importing them. And he said: "The economic context is difficult, very difficult, I say, and more for household appliances, because the interest rates are very high, which they had to raise to contain the dollar."

Newsan's diversification is not limited to green energy, but is also devoted to the export of shrimps, honey, raisins and toothpicks. He also deals with recycling and works on the City Mobility Project. "In addition, we are controlling energy, for example, we are dealing with a hospital, we are doing an investment that helps them to reduce energy consumption and keep a part of what is being saved," Cherajajski explains.

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