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Rumors that put Argentinian football in uncertainty and posed doubts in the definition of down – 04/07/2019

When the celebrations in Parana had not yet gone out of the win against the Argentinians 2: 1, which meant salvation for sponsorship, disturbing rumors began to spread on social networks: possibility to form lost points on the table for reportedly poor player involvement.

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According to the version, San Martín de San Juan and the Tigers – In the event that the three points are deprived of the Paraná team, they will have to play a tie-breaker in order to define the permanence – they intended to present a protest in the AFA for improper inclusion of the flyer Santiago Briñone, who came in 26 minutes of the second half of the match against Argentinos, replacing Germán Berterame.

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I counseled bugle. senior leaders of the sister team and Victoria have ensured absolutely ignoring the situation. The same thing happened in the Patronage, where they expressed their complete surprise They noticed that Briñone could play.

For its part, Pablo Slavutsqui, vice president of the San Juan club, He was strong in the news reports of Tiempo, in the province of Cuyo: "We check it and that's not trueThese were just rumors. Patronato did not play badly for any player. They talked that it was Santiago Briñone, a young man in their club, but it was not bad. "Although he also said," See if the truth is that the player is wrong. "

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Official AFA bulletins did not have any suspension for Briñone, who barely had a warning in the Championship and, before that, deportation to the Reserve Against Tiger, for which he had already cleared the suspension.

In the rest of Patronato's squad, only Lautaro Comas had four yellow cards, while Lautaro Geminiani and Gabriel Carabajal – the author of two goals against Argentinos – were the last to be suspended and sanctioned against Godoy Cruz. In that game played on March 30, which also lost Patronato 2-1, Briñone has already gone to the substitute bank, so the irregularity – if it does exist – should have arisen at that time.

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According to the regulation, there is a 24-hour period from when there was an error due to improper inclusion in the appeal. Tonight the Super League confirmed that he did not receive any presentation in that regard. So the rumors that triggered the turmoil in Argentine football began to fade and returned to Parana peace, which should never have been lost.


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