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Santiago Solari: "What is Guardiola deliberately omitted"

Santiago Solari he sent a message Pep Guardiola after saying coach of Manchester City, saying that the three best teams of decades were Juventus, Bayern and Barcelona.

"It seems deliberate," he said Solari, adding that "we will not fight for decades when Madrid is the best club of centuries and history." This is also the best club in the last decade, because it never underestimates anyone. in any situation. "

Argentinac, who led the Merengue team since the end of last year, tried to avoid controversy. The first internal, the battle with Iscom that faced the microphones, but always measured. And now outside. The classic war between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Undoubtedly, his words fall in love with the White House's public.

That's it Solari From 2000 to 2005 he played for Real Madrid. He began his career as a coach at the Merengue team, and after leaving Lopetegua, he took over the role of the first team at the end of October last year. Today his team is third in the league, 10 points behind Barcelona, ​​in the quarter-finals of Copa del Rey (he won 4-2 on his way to Girona) and in the Champions League (playing with Ajax). Also, of course, after winning the 2018 World Cup.

This should be borne in mind Guardiola He said, "I've said so many times: what are the best teams in the last decade?" Juventus, Bayern and Barcelona are the three best teams in Europe, why? "Every season, the league wins, each season wins. there, because they are the best. "The city did not name Real Madrid, which has won four Champions Leagues in the last five years, which annoyed Madrid very much.

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