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Second round: Matías Martín answered Cabito

Matías Martin spent a few minutes talking to Basta de Todo about dropping out of Cabito Massa Alcántara after talking to La Nationa and suggesting that the reporter and the driver were not worried about him at his worst health,

The driver criticized the former member's decision not to go to air or on the party he organized the cycle, and to decide on "Instagram and afternoon programs."

Cabito had sharp words with Martin. "The decision was Matías Martin, not the radio power," Ciudad said. "Matías commented on taking care of my health I do not know, someone says he came to the sanatorium when I was hospitalized What care? I had surgical stomach surgery because I was dying in my obesity Actually I was clinically dead after and I spent four days in intensive tube therapy, and these moments help you understand who's with you and who is not, who's calling you and who does not, "he added in an interview with La Nationa.

The historic cycle driver FM Metro made a long-term resignation after the harsh words of Cabita and slipped the possibility of the program to end in 2019.

Your word:

Well, I wanted to talk, I wanted to say something about what happened these days and all that happened. Just say … let's breathe because … I care much about Cabito, we were always with him, we did a lot to help him, I was always close, I was never indifferent to his situation, he knew I helped him, he knows I was close and now there is evidence: WhatsApp screenshots of my dialogue with her doctor, I never thought or thought I was sending them.

"JAKO IS IMPORTANT, WE WERE ALWAYS with him, LISTENED TO HELP, I've always been close, I have never been indeterminate of my situation, I know I helped him, I knew I was near and there is evidence: WHATSAPP OF MIS PARTS WITH YOUR DOCTOR WHO, NEITHER NEITHER NEITHER NEED, SHOULD NOT CONCLUDE THAT IT WOULD NOT HAPPY ".

Changes in the team do not respond to personal issues, they react to art themes that are mentioned and clarified one by one, hand in hand, face to face, face to face. Having an open microphone here and with the mind of the mind offering him all the possibilities for my neighbor's enjoyment, following him alone, by phone or through audio, by picking up Instagram's mail and making the afternoon TV shows a little hard to figure out for me. Above all, so communicated, talking many times, and Coki, who is always with him and always supports him, almost all the time. I understand this closure is painful because of what he wanted the program, but there is no struggle. It never was. My love and my family are still present. I also feel sorry to do this well with myself and without him. As painful as this whole process and the enormous difficulties faced with it and the obligation to solve it. I came to think about completing the program this year, next month. I even talked to each of the teams. "That's the end of it," I said to everyone, looking into their eyes. Finally, I managed to solve it in another way and try to reinvent the program. And with the peace of mind knowing very well what I did and, above all, how I did it: always, with humanity, with respect and with love.

That closure, perhaps, even the fuel that gives us the necessary power for now, faces the second year of the program. Maybe, 2019, if last year's Basta de Todo. From my beloved Enough of everything.

Finally, Cabito turned to the net where he sent his best wishes for two new additions to Basta de Todo, which were Malena Guinzburg and Martín Garabal. He also criticized those who insult the program or a member, making him unhappy.

@cabito on Instagram: "Part 5. Special order For those who complain of my departure from the program with my love, it reaches me and makes me good They told me and I left …"

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