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Serious criticism of Maximilian Rodriguez towards Rafael Bielsi: "Marcelo is important here, not him" |

Red and Black Captain Maximiliano Rodríguez spoke sharply about Rafael Bielsi, who criticized him in a news interview last weekend. "What Newell needs is to pull everyone forward, to help us inside, it's easy to criticize the outside, Marcelo is important, not him, Rafael's brother …" he fired the Fair.

At the press conference, this is what the gray-haired idol said its continuity in the institution is "not conditioned" by reinforcements coming to the face next seasonwhere Newell will fight for stability. "When that club needs you, you have to beIf I can bring the boost, the better. We all know that we need reinforcement to be more competitive, "he said.

They discussed the criticism Rafael Bielsa sent to the newspapers Capital city, who pointed out that "he should do more and less talk," Maxi said, "They were surprised, I do not understand the reason. I accept who comes. He's a brother… It does not affect me personally. In a delicate moment the club passes, it does not add up in either aspect. It's easiest to talk with your armchair. I could do it, playing anywhere in the world and talking, criticizing. I help from the inside. The only thing I can tell you is to come and give your hand. It makes no sense to speak. Many speak, but we create a little ".

"Newell needs to be together, everyone's support is very important, it is easier to destroy than build, it does, it is now useless, I can offer to go to Buenos Aires because when I called on my secretary who wanted to join me and that's different words than those he said in the newspaper, "he added..

Maxi repeated that he invited the former club's coach to "come to the club". "Marcelo is important here, he is not. Exit and talk in this way is a lack of respect for the institution, I'm surprised, not hurt. In 2012 I had a valid renewal agreement; I raised my hand, came and put my face. If it's wrong, I would not be sorry. The club goes back through a complicated situation, I come back and put my face. I'm not afraid of anything. The most important thing is to help the insideHe said.

"If we start talking outside and destroying it, it becomes complicated. It's a young school, no experience. If we get hindered every time, it will be complicatedWe need everyone to add. I do not have a secretary, I am a neighborhood boy, I continue the same way as when I made the first steps in Falklands, I do not have to be above all – he said.

Referring to a statement by Rafael Bielsa who criticized him for "not appearing" after his elimination in Santa Fe, he replied, "I am a captain and I have the right to speak." I wanted to talk. "He came (Cristian) to Amica and said he would not talk about anything."

"They called me out of many groups, but I owe it to an institution. I stand behind the shieldNot only to express myself with the microphone. You know that I do not like talking, I use another profile. My thing is to play in the field of play. The club is in a very difficult time and will need everyone, "he added.

He also said he had decided to go back to Newell when he was in Peñarol. "I called D & Amica and I wanted to come back. I thought the club needed me. Later, if played or not, it is a trainer thing. No one has to convince mer, "he said and said he did not leave or return to the club" for money. "Schools gather leaders and technical bodies," he said.

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