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Sixteen-year-old girl died after a family dog's attack – 07/04/2019

My mother was cooking while she was six-year-old baby I watched TV in the living room of the house. On his side, as usual, he was a family dog: buldog crosses with rottweiler.

While preparing food, the woman heard loud noises from where her daughter was. When it arrived, the child was bloody and severely injured due to dog bites.

He was most hurt face girls And his neck. The mother managed to put a wet towel on her head and with the help of her neighbors, they drove her by car to the San Isidro Municipal Hospital.

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When the doctors watch the doctors on Saturday at 21:30, the baby was already unconsciousI lost a lot of blood. They have made revival maneuvers died an hour later, "He died because of the severity of the injury," the doctors said.

Prosecutor María Paula Hertrig confirmed the episode Clarin. "It was Saturday night and we are still investigating how the events have happened," he said. He added, "The baby was a mother in the kitchen when she heard the sound of the attack from the living room where the girl was with the animal." With the help of his neighbors he was transferred to the San Isidro Central Hospital, where unemployed people tried to resuscitate with CPR and transfusions were made but he could not survive".

San Isidro, Health Secretary Juan Viaggio, added some details of the tragedy:He came to the hospital with a wrapped face in the towelHe passed the CPR for over an hour and had transfusions. Even the therapist's doctors from the Mother and Child hospitals approached.

The commune has announced that they will do autopsies on Monday and "will be more precision". "In the first case, professionals have warned them the baby had a major injury to the right of the door with a possible carotid shell. "

What happened to a dog? The animal is inside Zoonosis protection, where they apply a protocol of rabies and, in addition, judges the judiciary.


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