Wednesday , June 23 2021

"Small bomb" explodes: "I'm sex with eight women"

There will not be much? Son of Tomb of Tucuman has returned to the media arena and made peace-loving statements about his sexual life

The Tyago griffon is shipped with all kinds of religious confessions

Tyago Griffo can be considered a happy man in love. Is this in his record associated with a couple of fun women, some very beautiful, such as Rocío Robles and Bethlehem Pouchan. The last one she was connected with was Sol Pérez after the huge kiss that happened on the dance floor. However, blondes and singers said they were friends.

In addition, what he certainly played for "Bombito" is his dedication to sex, although he also said he appreciates other things about women.

Regardless of what you want to say, a series of statements in the last few hours will surely serve to raise your profile and certainly continue with their conquest.

Though he began to say "I love personality and character" of them, Tyago was dispatched with all kinds of hot confessions. And he did not say it in the church before the priest, but in an interview for "El Show of Espectáculo", a radio program by Ulises Jaitt and Gastón Samá.

"Sex sometimes I like it hard and sometimes I like it slowly, I like to work with light and 69 poses, that's the number that goes." Sadomasoism does not fit and I do not like violence. "With a stable partner she could not take part in a swinger party and be alone could it would be, fuck, "the son of" Pump "Tucumane was thrown away.

His other tastes in the bed were: "I had a virtual sex with an unusual pair." More than a boy watched porn, not now, if I like tantric sex? "" No, I do not like it. "" I left him Milei. "

What's the most noise, no doubt, was his sexual record: "I spent the whole day with the girl, I did it with eight women in one day, apart, day and night, day is long and the waist helps, he admitted and concluded, "Sometimes I used ice cream in sex."

On the other hand, he spoke of his participation in "Dance" with his mother: "We called for the quartet gala to replace Esmeralda Miter and then propose to remain, but it is true that I do not feel to associate my career with art and even more Being in the competition requires a lot of time and taking away the time from your band, "he said.

He added, "And besides, I'm not a dancer, and I do not like making a fool of myself. I have to be the only person in the world who did not say" Dancing. "

Just two weeks ago, Sol Pérez and Tyago Griffo ended their kissing before watching the dancing parents who were in the studio and the surprise of the others. Was it one of eight?

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