Sunday , May 16 2021

So Cristiano Ronaldo rejected the year. Peace!

When, on this side of the world, most people are still preparing for the year-end, some with the last-minute purchase, others have gone through the site and greeted 2019. One of them is the Portuguese star. Cristiano Ronaldo, who together with her girlfriend Georgina Rodrguez and their eldest son wanted a happy New Year from Dubai.

Through his official Instagram account, players Juventus announces a gentle image with part of her family, whose background is the incredible fireworks that provoke the new year. In the picture CR7 and Georgina look very elegant in black, while the boy wears white. Just an hour after posting the post, there are over three million comments and thousands of comments from fans who responded to the greeting from Portugal.

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In the last few days Cristiano Ronaldo He ended up speculating about his alleged commitment to Georgina Rodrguez, his girlfriend. own football star Make sure married does not clearly appear on your next checklist, but leave an open prospect for the future. In the future I do not know if this will happen, but now it is not in my plans, he discovered in an interview with the sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Star Juventus He also explained why he has seen him so often lately in various churches in Turn, where he lives with his partner and children. I'm going to church every week. Every week In Turn there are many churches and every week I go to the other, he said. In addition, you admit that in this club you feel more family than in Real Madrid, you also wanted to publicly thank your friends and relatives that reminded him daily that his big star does not allow himself to fall into the laziness to have it all.

I am a Catholic and I go to the church thanks to God for everything he has given me. I'm not asking for anything, thank God for having everything. I thank you for protecting my family and my friends. They say to me: Hey, you can not do it, you know that you are Cristiano Ronaldo?. Sometimes I forget the responsibilities involved. But that is also a good thing, because if I think I have everything, I will be lazy and do not work so hard, were some of his words.

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