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Sofi Morandi talked about the rumors of the novels with Julia Serrano – 11.10.2018

Neuquina Sofi Morandi (21) has more than 1.5 million followers at Instagram, and this year, with YouTube, actor and singer Julian Serrano (25) landed in "Bailando por una sueño".

They are one of the favorite couples of the public and the jury of Župe "Dance …" (although this week did not have a good score in the rhythm of precision in which they got only 15 points) and the question flying if there is anything more than good vibration and friendship between them.

This week in an interview for The People Magazine, in which she reviewed her trip to the dance world (long before she participated in Dance), took advantage of the opportunity to end the secret of her marital status: "With Julian we are friends, nothing happens between us, we have good vibrations and we share a few projects, but nothing more."

He is currently a dance partner in partnership with actress "100 Days to Fall In Love", Malena Narvay.

"We have also made it clear to all readers I'm not a girl, but I would love to be chongueando watch a series with somebody, "Morandi added, with a humor that shows her social networks on a daily basis.

Happy with his present work and exhibition he achieved thanks to the program by Marcelo Tinelli (58), Sofi reminded her of her beginnings and how they first came to social networks: "Although I studied dance, singing and acting I owe my a career in video footage I made for Instagram, I started doing them because my goal was to go to TV auditions, but most of the auditions were closed and I did not have any contacts. "

Aware the number of young people who followed her and took her as a reference point, she explained: "When teenagers seek advice, I tell them to be trained, to do art, to ask what they want, and then how can they get it. Never drop their hands . "

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