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Solar storm will affect Earth's communications 24 hours

A solar storm, or geomagnetic, is created when a shock wave of sunshine attracts the magnetic field of the Earth and this affects work, for example, on the Internet. But at least it will be more demonstration of northern lights.

The tenor of storms will be measured by the importance of energy exchange between solar wind and magnetosphere.

aurora boreal.jpg

The most obvious effect of this phenomenon is the interference in radiocommunications, electrical network problems, and the destabilization of the satellite orbit that man sends to the universe.

Solar storms are measured on a nine-point scale divided into three categories: from G1, the lowest to G3, the most powerful, reported News Sputnika.

The phenomenon that began on May 14 and ends on Thursday got seven points, so it corresponds to the G3 category. Experts expected to be milder because the sun is in a minimum cycle of 11 years.

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