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Soledad Fandiño respected the Aboriginal community Misiones and Polino spoke sharply to the governor of that province – 07.12.2018.

In "Dance 2018"From"ShowMatch"(El Trece) followed the breach, at the beginning of the broadcast, Jimena Barón He gave a confession Aretha Franklin; and Mica Viciconte, And Fortress Ricardo , Then, in the presence of the Falklands group of former combatants in the study, Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber paid tribute to those who fought in the war Falkland Islands.

Marcelo Tinelli, he went on to say to former fighters: "I was very close to what I was fighting with Colimba MalvinasThank you for everything and thank you for having always remembered our memories Malvinas".

"The choice of topic was my idea, do not ask me why, Marcelo … That had to happen," he explained. Cinthia in Tinelli, who said he was excited to see one of these choreographies. In addition, the driver insisted on the need to continue to claim that the Falklands are Argentinean.

Choreography Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber, among other contributions to the beautiful voice of Evangeline Rebozzio, a young woman in 2005 participated in the "30 seconds of glory" segment in "ShowMatch".

Choreography has created great emotion in all those who were in the study of "ShowMatch"The jury has qualified with 27 points. tribute to the former Malvinas fighters:

The fourth couple to go on the trail was the one he formed Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba. They paid tribute Aboriginal community of Ita Poty Miri from Puerto Iguazu. missions, which are represented in the dance competition.

After choreography, he talked with a member of the Aboriginal community of Ita Poty Miri Marcelo Tinelli given the reality that they live in Puerto Iguazu. The driver promised that "outside the classroom building for which Soledad is dancing at a competition, in a way Make sure they have clean water"Tomorrow, we will first take care of this," he said, and at the end of the show he said he got a message from AMIA Foundation who wants to add their help to cover this need of the community of Ita Poty Miri.

Then, as usual, the jury returned. Angel De Brito, whose voice is secret, warns: "Many people will say that they are a demagogue, but I do not think so, because I have seen how Sun (Fandiño) has been working for a dream since the competition began." This is choreography The only Fandiño and his team who received 30 points from the jury:

Marcelo Polino He became serious and, abhorrent, he attacked: "Mr. Governor of the Mission, they are looking for water, looking for a classroom, how are you not shy?" They have to travel a lot of hours in micro-television to have I am apolitical and I do not know which is the Governor of the Mission, but this is a shame. "Soledad Fandiño began to cry.

Nevertheless, the angry situation in the community of Ita Poty Mirí, Polino He searched for the Governor of Misiones on Twitter and gave him the following message:

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