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Special Order of Racing Lovers for Eduardo Coudeta and Chakra Chill – 04/07/2019

Before a while, many dared say that Eduardo Coudet will not continue after June as a Racing coach. After winning the title in Victoria, the feeling was different and signs were added that point to the persistence in his position. And now, when the champion party in Cilindra has gone by, how many panoramas will change? To what extent will the love shown by the fans to him influence Chach's decision about his future?

Fans of the race gave their verdict. They want Coudet to continue to lead the team. They left him very clear before the game, when El Chacho had to leave the substitute bench. Has this come to be welcomed especially by Claudio Tapia, president of AFA, who was accompanied by Victora Blanc, the leader of Racing.

Blanco, Tapia and Coudet before the game. PHOTO JUAN TESONE

Blanco, Tapia and Coudet before the game. PHOTO JUAN TESONE

At this point, the fans exploded through the Cylinder and started singing: El Chacho does not leave, do not leave; El Chacho does not leave; El Chacho does not leave … "

He also went on to say goodbye to Coudeta, a rival coach, Sebastian Beccacece, who did this by drawing a sincere smile. There was once more warmth at that meeting.

Already in a full game, players in action are trying to win the game so the party is complete, also with Coudet as active as he needs points in the game, again the people of Racing, are fond of coaches.

Of course, in this case they did not point to their future, but they recognized him in Chacha for what he was able to generate in football in this race: "And you see, you see, that's Coudet's team, and he already sees it, and he already sees it, that's Coudet's team …"

El Chacho raised his hands and thanked him, and he lightly bitten his lips, as if he was having fun with so much love, with so much love …

Coudet started with the black jockey kabbalah, who gave the leader to Robert Torres. He also wore a jacket, though he took it off. The shawl, yes, kept it to the end. Will he save him for more celestial and white targets? Will you book it because it will continue? How much will the great decision of love that Coudet has received in his Champion Racing championship race will strive in his decision?

"We have to sit down to analyze with coach staff and leaders, but we are very good. Here I am happyCoudet said in the field after the game. After all, he did not give details of his continuity.

In addition, Chacho has left a nice phrase about his special way of dealing with football: "You can win training and fun, in good climate."

Later, at the time of delivery of the medals of champions and rings they gave to the club, when invited to Coudet, they asked him a few questions and the whole stadium was careful. One of them was about continuity …

There El Chacho responded to Victory Blanc: "We will have to talk to this man." When he insisted, the coach had the most powerful nod on Sunday: "Let's go for more."

There was another explosion of fans at that moment: "I see, you see what you see, one thing, that is, that we will leave the champions again out of Coudet's hands." It looks like Chacho will be in the race.

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