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Sport in the market service Mauricio Macri …

Neither is it necessarily nor urgent, sport has its new DNU – number 92/2019 – signed by President Mauricio Macri to put state goods on the market. The decision was made and it is known last night, almost as a natural reversal of the national politics of rent. La Mira is focused on real estate heritage, which is a training venue for athletes, recreational areas and even resorts that exceed 800 hectares, and which will now be managed by a mixed agency. The name that will have what is the Secretariat for Sport that is degraded to that inferior status. Interesting way of determining hurried reforms in the sports field that nobody was looking for. No leaders, no coaches, and even less athletes. However, the text of the decree justifies its raison d 'être in "achieving rational use of public resources to promote more effective management".

This goal does not appear to have been reflected in the management of former Carlos Carl Allister's sports minister, who left office to challenge this year's candidacy for governor Cambiemos in his native province of La Pampa. When he was head of this area, the affair of his undercover Orlanda Moccagatte and unjustified subsidies to the Argentinean Bridge Association or the Golf Club in Cordoba, where manager Aldo Benito Roggio was published on the same pages.

"Macro has signed a decree on business," said Claudio Morresi, sports secretary who was in charge of democratic reconstruction. For ten years. In the case of a DNU that Congress has overlooked, Page / 12 he counseled with the national representative of the Victory Front and member of the Sports Commission Carlos Castagnet: "That's crazy, the first money was taken away from Enna, now the secretariat will disappear, they want to sell Cenard who has facilities that are national heritage and also privatize the sport. even two days ago, two Superliga attorneys came to Congress to talk about corporations because they want clubs to become SA. Journalist Ernesto Rodríguez III, who was expecting a command that came when he announced a project for several office bureaus, set the key question : "Why not wait until Congress begins its regular sessions on Friday, March 1st, and properly discuss a" 20-year management program "as the project says in its introductory statements? & # 39 ;.

An agency that will be created through the DNU will receive "full legal capacity to act in the area of ​​public and private law" and that "your property will be made up of property transferred to you and those you have acquired in the future. "The latest secretary of Cambiemos government sport, Diogenes de Urquiza Anchorena, was the one who initiated formal proceedings to sign the decree. When he learned that a study by the State Aid Agency (AABE) was submitted to be approved, property maneuvers became apparent.

The government had to think ahead of legal engineering to undermine the effects of several laws. The articles of 20.655 or the Sports Act, published in 1974, of 24.052, which created motorcycles for sports and motorbikes, were 26.573 (the national high performance Deportivo entity), 27.201 (national sport development) and 27.202 (the new Sporting Law) .

The introductory declarations of Regulation 92 found that "the universalisation of sport and physical activity as a right of population and a factor contributing to the complete formation of people requires a response from the state in accordance with the realities and challenges faced as the creator of sport policy." For the Macro Government, the latter represent less and less money. Reducing the budget that will endure Argentinean sport – the year that will make the Panama Games in Lime – was carried out in a budget of 991 million pounds. In three years of government, allocations for this area fell from 1,315 million in 2016 to 1,433 million in 2017 and 1,097 million in 2018.

Article 4 of the Regulation stipulates that the Agency "shall be the body responsible for the implementation of this Law and shall be responsible for the design, coordination and general execution of public policy on sport matters". The key article of the decree is the 15th as it determines the operational resources the Agency will have. In Clause C, clause II, it is explained that it will be possible to "sell, lease or other forms of contracting your movable property and services". It is the node of DNU because it opens up the possibility of completing the infrastructure used by the sports community.

Among these facilities are Cenara's facilities, located in the neighborhood of Núñez (11.5 hectares), Ezeiza's premises, where the Argentinean Sports Centers in Nature (Caden 1 and 2) and the National Baseball Stadium (582) were set up. , 26); and the National Sports Development Center (CeNaDe), Esteban Echeverría (38,33), and the National Tiger Rowing Course (124). Total 825 hectares. The envelope does not reach 42 hectares, which the state granted the AFAs in an unsafe way and in the loan agreement by 2048 – and where the National Selection Center, the Chapadmalal Tourist Complex, and the 35-hectare Olympic Village built in the Villi Soldati for Games youths held in 2018 and belonging to the city administration.

Part of them would be destined for the new Cenard if the plot of land in Núñez was liquidated. It seems that the layoffs will start there. The National High Performance Center is a symbol of Argentine sports that athletes, coaches and field experts have recognized as a symbol of resistance to their disappearance. They do not want to be delivered to developers who are waiting for these public lands to do private business.

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