Wednesday , June 23 2021

Starship, the next SpaceX missile

SpaceX founder and head of space space company, Elon Musk, announced that his next rocket, which will fly around the moon and maybe one day to go to Mars, will eventually call the Starship.

"Rename the BFR Starship," Musk said in his Twitter account. So far, the name of this mega missile in the construction process was BFR – the initial assumption of the Big Falcon Rocket – although SpaceX has never officially confirmed what it means.

In September, Musk announced his factory in Hawthorne, California that Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa paid for the Moon with six or eight artists in 2023 and that the trip would be in the BFR, a 118-meter-high missile and rated one of the most powerful ever built in the history of conquering space.

SpaceX today uses two missiles. Its leading launcher, Falcon 9, which has already passed 18 missions this year and more than 60 of 2012, and Falcon Heavy, capable of carrying heavy loads, was launched in February to test drive with Tesla's model behind the wheel.

But these two missiles are destined to disappear to create seats for the Starship, "said Musk.

The tycoon inventor has already said in a tweet on Saturday that SpaceX will stop updating Falcon 9 to focus on the BFR / Starship only.

"Instead, we speed up the BFR," he wrote. The next Mega Rocket will have two parts: the first phase, called the Super Heavy and designed to "avoid Earth's gravity," and the top, Starship, which will serve as a maneuvered aircraft to other planets.

Musk did not determine whether the name was an acknowledgment to the famous American pop rock group that she won in the mid-eighties.


NASA has also confirmed that it will use Drug and Security within its SpaceX and Boeing providers after Elon Musk smokes in his wrist during a live interview in September.

US Space Agency spokesman William Gerstenmaier told the Washington Post that the investigation would focus on "anything that could have an impact on security."

In a statement, NASA has confirmed that "in the coming months, it will conduct a culture evaluation study (usage and custom) in coordination with its private partners to ensure that companies meet the security criteria in their work, including respect for the non-drug environment. "

SpaceX and Boeing are two companies NASA has selected for astronaut transport in space since 2019.

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