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Step by Step: It was a seat finding that could be from an airplane carrying Emiliana Salu

While the official announcement was announced on Wednesday, the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIB) reported that 48 hours before giving warnings: "On Monday morning, January 28, the French Security Research Office informed us about seats found on a beach near Surtainville on Cotentin Peninsula. "


On Monday, January 28, in the morning, the French Coast Guard learned about the appearance of two pillows on the coasts of Surtainville. Several hours later, the Bureau for Research and Analysis (BEA) was informed. It should be noted that the results of the previous days were recorded by the passers-by in the area.

After checking the data, BEA members communicate with AAIB and, as he could know Infobae, the next day (Tuesday) researchers They were tasked with calling for authority following the case in Argentina.

After making a statement, the United Kingdom Air Traffic Accident Investigation Unit (AAIB) announced it will do the search under water to find an Argentine football player Emiliano Sala i pilot Dave Ibbotson.

Underwater raking will begin Sunday with a British government ship if time conditions permit and it will expand three days, as they informed this media.

In addition, the AAIB announced they were in contact David Mearns, a shipwreck hired by the Sala family, who on Monday warned his company Bluewater Recoveries plans to begin a search under water this weekend.

The airplane carried by Salu, who has just been transferred from the French team Nantes to the Cardiff Premier League club, worth 17 million euros, and British driver Dave Ibbotson they disappeared from the radar about 20 miles north of the Channel Islands of Guernsey.

Police there halted the official search of the aircraft on Thursday It happened after an intense hunt involving aircrafts and ships could not find it.

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