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Stroller with great idols, music groups and emotions: everything you need to know about the historic San Lorenzo festival to return to Boedo

"This is the most important event in the history of San Lorenzo, for emotional value because it was at the stadium where my old man was, but because in rational terms, Patrimonially puts the club as one of the most important in Argentina, And it gives you unmatched mid-term and long-term perspective. That's the final touch: when we started, they asked us whether we'd better go back to Boedo or win the Libertadores champions. And in seven years we both managed to do it.

words Matthias Lammens, president of San Lorenzo, reflects what fans will live in Boed tonight: the club, its partners, its supporters, will take the formally owned land of Avenida La Plata, "The Holy Land", as it is called "Cuervos" where the legendary "Gasómetro" was located, whose doors were last opened to the public on December 2, 1979, on the occasion of the 0-0 withdrawal between Ciclón and then directed by Carlos Bilardo y Boca.

Since then, outside the celebrated harvest in Bajo Flores (where San Lorenzo won the Copa Libertadores for the first time in his history), the fans were mobilizing to return home, acting in a compassionate struggle, giving up his identity. In 2008, the Law on Historical Reparation, the institution purchased 4,500 square metersBut the struggle continued, by acquiring real estate near the headquarters and the biggest dream: a quest for restitution property owned by a hypermarket.

Law on Historical Restitution promoted by Subcomisión del Influenza, with Adolfo Rez in the lead, and her persistence grew up with the Marquis. On March 8, 2012, there were 110,000 crows that gathered at the Plaza de Mayo to seek your country. The management led by Matías Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli received a decisive boost: On November 15, 2012, the Law on Historical Restitutions was issued. The club paid the rent on land. and On Friday, the Steering Board signed the acts and managed to show supporters the keys to their old / new home.

What San Lorenzo has viralized by announcing a major milestone

That is why San Lorenzo will experience the historic moment this Sunday, June 30 and early morning Monday, July 1st. The celebration will start at 19 o'clock when it's in San Antonio Oratory, where a group of successful children played ball and, with the help of father Lorenza Massa, founded the club. There they will celebrate Mass will be the parade of the Avenida La Plata idol, The coach will be transcendental figures in azulgrane history.

Already in "Tierra Santa", there will be a stage, several screens and audiovisual material that will convince the local and foreigners, from the club. During the conquest will be the music groups associated with the club, promising "a few surprises", and in 0 hours there will be a day: San Lorenzo will formally take over Avenida La Plata. "It will be a party in peace, it is the history of extinction that closes," Marcelo Tinelli signed. And fireworks will shake. Azulgranas, of course.

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