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Suárez had a positive debut in the River, the goal being to include River Plate


Germán Balcarce

23:31 hs

Matías Suárez seems to be tailored to the size of the river. It has a huge category that was immediately exposed because it was very well controlled in two passes to define: first was denied a scream because Roberto Ramírez crossed right after good action Nicolás De La Cruz, while in the next fell the ball with the class, next help Lucas Pratta, and resolved his left hand to signal the 4-0 final result at Godoy Cruz.

Suarez's $ 2.850,000 plus tax revenue has been rewarded because the 30-year-old striker realized that River's circuit was at the level that led him to win so many titles. "Oreja" was offered as a permanent transition option when it comes to throwing a diagonal or a crunch, as well as approaching flyers to be part of an attack preparation.

After leaving Belgrano last week, Suarez came to the river with the illusion of triumph as he did in Cordoba and during his eight seasons in Anderlecht (Belgium) shirt. For now his debut was successful tonight. With a goal, he has secured 80% of the efficiency in the passes, generating two sides – first in his first intervention when Ignacio Fernández looked deep – and got a Diega Viera offense.

Since joining Rafael Borre in 22 minutes of the second half, Suárez realized the football idea of ​​the team. This improved version of the river compared to the previous three games provided a favorable presentation to a man born in La Faldi. Come on, Matías!

+ Matías Suárez, under the magnifying glass of La Page Millionaire

Auctions: 3 (one goal, one save and one high free throw)

Corrected: 4 (twice Enzi Pérezu, Ponzio and Casco)

Received documents: 9

Wrong Transitions: 1 (download for Lucas Pratto)

Received faults: 1 (Diego Viera, 31 minutes second half)

Lost balls: 1 (wanted to throw lulu)

Generated Pages: 2 (in First Action)

+ Who gave the passes

2 Lucas Practice

2 Milton's helmet

2 Nicolás De La Cruz

Ignacio Fernández

1 Leonardo Pontius

1 Gonzalo Montiel

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