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Suddenly, a gymnast's breaks her legs after a bad relaxation in the gym

Monday, April 8, 2019 10:05

The American gymnast who held the presentation, got tired and broke both feet in front of the public.

Last Friday, April 5, one of the regional meetings of the most important universities in that country was held in the United States, and audiences and spectators witnessed scary injuries.

Samantha Cerio held a presentation, but because of the bad fall, the gymnast had broken her two legs, causing her to finish at the hospital.

The girl fell with too much power after the aerial acrobatics and her legs could not cope. The force of the collision on the floor caused the displacement of both knees and the fracture of both legs.

The gymnasium was sitting on the floor and screaming with pain and had to immediately get the help of a medical team who was present in the gym where the tournament took place.

Samantha Cerio was the University of Auburn and had to be removed from the place on the wrists before the ovations of all the public that was impressed with the injury.

After spending a weekend at the local hospital, the young gymnast announced the withdrawal from the activity: "Friday night I was the last one I lived as a gymnast." I could not be more proud of the person I became thanks to gymnastics. "

source: https://ar.cienradios.com/la-terrible-caida-una-gimnasta-al-fallar-una-figura-se-rompio-las-piernas/


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