Saturday , September 18 2021

Super League: The defense has defeated Vélez and does not lose on the course

Defensa y Justicia won Velez 3-2 on Monday with lots of incentives, which was at the height of the expected duel between two strategists such as Sebastian Beccacece and Gabriele Heinze. In Florencio Vareli and a large number of visitors, the owner of the house has renewed his longing for a successful goalie and is not releasing the race, which is fired in solitude with two games less.

In the first half, the set of Liniers was superior, with more weight in the last meters and forcing Ezequiel Unsain to intervene with Gaston Giménez and Matías Vargas.

Therefore it was not surprising that a 31 minute visit was opened when Thiago Almada managed to recover and ended up from the right low and second place, in the first goal of the First Gemstone 17

However, the host quickly responded: in 38th place, after the cross on the right side of Alexandro Barboza, Nicolás Domínguez dropped his head to aim for Gastón Togni and scored a goal for equalization.

And the 45th biggest controversy was Fabián Cubero, who returned to the start line in his 500th Primera, dropped to Domingo Blanco and overcame, giving the impression that there was no contact. A dangerous free kick by Matias Rojas was caught off guard by Aleksandra Domíngueza, who missed a penalty shot on the left side.

The addition started better for Falcon, who threatened with the shooting of the Guardian who dropped Dominguez. At the age of 17, he had a reward with a pulpit that ended with the Rojas, which was determined by touching the Equator. But at 24 Almada again came to the right, striking and defeating the goalkeeper to recover the ball after the rejection.

The last one was for Fortin, who had a discount with Hernan de la Fuente on the right, but covered Unsain. There was no time in the evening at the southern end, where the locality ratified its great moment to reach the Libertadores area in front of the group that came to it, but had to agree to continue in the South American area.

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