Saturday , June 19 2021

Superfinal of millions: how many are the Boca and River schools

who Bottles and rivers They are the two most important actresses of Argentina and one of the best favorites on the continent, no one doubts. But in terms of the market, Which of them has the most expensive campus?

Before the Superfinal that will play "Xeneizes" and "Millionaires" for the Copa Libertadores, Transfermarkt, a site specializing in market values, He has published the figures of each player and the total value of each template.

The numbers showed that mouth with total 27 players has a value of a little over $ 132 million, nearly $ 50 million plus a river campus, da s 23 players quoted o 85.4 million dollars. The most prominent figure of "Xeneize" is Cristian Pavón, with value 22.8 million dollars, while it is "The Millionaire" is Gonzalo Martínez (17.1 millions of dollars).

The difference in the total number between one team and the other was recorded in the money delivery of both institutions to reinforce in the last market. while Bottle invested more than $ 15 million to boost the team, the river has not hired.

The numbers that they came to "Xeneize" they were Carlos IZQUIERDOZ, Esteban Andrada, Mauro ZárateSebastian villa, Lucas Olaza i Carlos Lampe, the last two were the only ones who did this on loan. In the meantime, "Millionaire" he did not add footballers to his team after betting very hard in the January market with arrival Franco Armani and Lucas Practice.

BOCA (27 football players)
Total value: $ 132.2 million.
Average for every football player: $ 4.8 million.

Seven Best Payments:
Cristian Pavón $ 22.8 million.
Darío Benedetto and Wilmar Barrios $ 11.4 million.
Nahitan Nandez $ 10.8 million.
Frank Fabra, "Wanchope" Ábila and Emanuel Reynoso $ 6.8 million.

RIJEKA (23 football players)
Total value: $ 85.4 million.
Average for every football player: $ 3.7 million.

Seven Best Payments:
Gonzalo Martínez $ 17.1 million.
Lucas Martínez Quarta and Juan Fernando Quintero $ 7.4 million.
Lucas Prato $ 6.8 million.
Ignacio Fernández $ 5.1 million.
Nicolas de la Cruz $ 4.5 million.
Ignacio Scocco $ 3.4 million.


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