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Supermarkets increasingly sell chronicles

from Francisco Martirena Auber
@ martirena74

As a result of rising consumer product prices and falling purchasing power, hypermarket and supermarket sales fell between 3 and 4% in November compared to the year-on-year level. Meanwhile, in the case of wholesale supermarkets, the withdrawal has reached 2% per annum as compared to November 2017.

Sources from the commercial sector have pointed to chronicle that the decline was caused by a recession that, according to the big chains – "It can no longer support promotions, bonuses or payments that are in many cases funded"Moreover, there is a scenario with new layoffs in the remainder of the year.

Although they did not give concrete figures, sales of students in these business areas also fell compared to October. In all segments of the product there has been a decrease in sales, and although the state of the food is the most worrying, cleaning products are those with a large pull, with a fall of more than 6 percent.

And in large stores and retailers, they anticipate negative prospects by the end of the year, due to the shift to a gradual shutter gondola. The direct effect of the price between 45 and 50 family basket products increased by 16%, both in local stores and hypermarkets.

It is important to remember that the government recently expanded the list of care prices and launched Christmas items at affordable prices.

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