Thursday , May 6 2021

The 1st Overwatch Archives, Havana

The next event from Overwatch. Watch the 2019 files., is a week to start, we know this thanks to a few days ago, where they showed us the exact date when the event will begin, but what we do not know is that it can be treated, a recent task was posted on the official Twitter account Overwatchwhich seems to tell us something more about what we will see next week.

The announcement announces an official account for Overwatch on Twitter, an article in the newspaper tells us "Habana Sunce"This story tells us a story about one of the most famous distilleries in the sector and how it started as a small family business, and after the accident that caused them to liquidate distillate, it became something different."

History tells us that since this particular incident of things in Cuba has changed much, not only would the image of the founder of the company change from the omnico but also the military force of Havana, which the government would protect against the same financial group that bought the destabilized distillery Don Rumbico, it would have been done with the strength of the Fortress, transforming it in the same way that now has the caretakers who observe it, as well as the mysterious helicopters circling around. Besides, the news says it is coming Hurricane Fernanda, who would kick off Florida and head to Havana.

Within everything we are told, we can rotate certain points, the first thing is that newspaper article "Habana Sunce", Since the year 2060. Overwatch although it focuses on the future, what we know is currently centered in 2076 (more or less), so this article would be from the past, it takes us a bit to the tone of the Archive Overwatch, who have always been focused on past stories about the universe of the game.

Also, as we can see in the published picture, this is done by catching the sector in the game so we can conclude that we will have a new map in Havana, Cuba, something that has already been done at the airport NumbaniAlso, the information will tell us what time we will see on that map because it hurts, I would not be surprised if I could see the gray clouds, the wind, and maybe some elements that were flying in the sky.

The last, and probably the most important of all, is the place where he is, what would you say here, that it is quite possible that the event is an Archive Overwatch have a connection with Baptiste, Of probably 16 years ago BaptisteThat was part of it Caribbean coalition, a group of soldiers, doctors and experts who help the needy Caribbean region, and of course Havana, Cuba, is part of the Caribbean. One of the options is to see Baptiste on his first mission talon, immediately after departure Caribbean coalition, or can be a mission where Overwatch and Caribbean coalition Collaborate to explore what is happening in Havana, Cuba.

At this point, they are just guesswork, and besides, it's just the first Teaser Overwatch has done the next thing in the game, usually the first is trying to fool, though the most realistic of all assumptions is that we will have a new map in Havana, Cuba.

It is expected that the Overwatch Archives event will be released on April 16, 2019

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