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The Argentine Cup was pulled out

In the estate of Julio Humberto Grondon in Ezechi Argentine Football Federation will draw a draw for Argentine Cup 2019, the most important event organized by the AFA. The draw will start around 12.30 and will attract the attention of many clubs of various categories of our football participating in the tournament that is regularly held since the 2012 edition.

is will draw frame 32nd end, so that the ball will come from 64 teams that will participate in this instance. In this final phase there are 26 teams from First Division, 12 from First National B, 6 from First Metropolis B, 13 from Federal A, 4 from First C, and 3 from First D, so that both teams directly associate AFA as Indirectly associated companies have the same quota amount.

Although the draw for Argentine Cup this afternoon, the competition has already started in late 2018. That is, the preliminary phase of the Federal tournament began to play several days after the Rosario Center was sanctioned in the last edition of the tournament, so the teams are already in the final stages when they are pulled out this afternoon and have no clubs do not have to wait for the definitions of the preliminary keys.

Argentine Cup It began to be contested in 1969, and the 1970 edition was never completed. It was only in 2012 that tournament continued, which mutated in the number of participants in recent history. However, in recent years it has gained importance as it secures a quota for the Copa Libertadores de América.

The team most dedicated to Boca. Xeneize won three titles, River won him two more times. Rosario Central, with the title, is the team that has played the most finals since it played the decisive instance four times. While Arsenal and Huracan managed to win this trophy in the opportunity.

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