Tuesday , March 9 2021

The asteroid threat will go very close to Earth: NASA

This Saturday, three asteroids considers "potentially dangerous" they will pass very near the Earth this Saturday November 10, according to data from OUR.

The biggest asteroids reach 30 meters in width, and three will pass near our planet for about four hours.

The three huge asteroids, 2018 VX1, 2018 VS1 and 2018 VR1, will arrive next to the Earth next Saturday, November 10th. Photo: Illustrative / Pixabay

The Space Agency shows it will appear around 14:03 (GMT) 2018 VS1, 13 to 28 meters, and is approximately 1.391.535 kilometers from the Earth.

Just about 15 minutes later, the biggest asteroids of all, the 2018 VR1, will range from 4 to 30 meters wide. Asteroid 2018 VR1 It would have gone about 5.066.418 kilometers of our planet.

Finally, four hours later, the asteroid 2018 VX1 It will be closer to the Earth, as it will only be 380,160 kilometers, almost the same distance as the Moon.

Despite the potential dangers of the asteroid, NASA calls for a calm state, as the distance to which it travels will still be safe.

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