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The bottle would raise a historic offer for Neuquino

Emiliano Rigoni and Paragvajac Oscar Romero are the strongest options in the case that Acuña's passage, as it seems, does not progress. What is clear is that the egg was impossible for Boca's coach, Gustavo Alfar, who asked him that all the money that came for the sale of Colombian Wilmar Barrios (going to Russian Zenit for 14 million euros) was used to repatriate the former driver of the race born in Zapal .

"We appreciate the effort and appreciate what Boca has done with such a suggestion. Marcos does not rule out the possibility. Boca's interest a few days ago, but we did not go ahead because the bid was sent today, "said the lawyer's lawyer, adding:" The decision must be made by Marcos. This is a family decision, but it also depends on Sporting, who does not want to lose it from the sporting point of view and sets its conditions.

Meanwhile, Egg yesterday did not take part in the match Sporting played against Setúbal (1: 1), for the first league, due to minor interruptions.


It is well known that Acuña was also intended for Zenith himself, who had nearly 16 million euros plus four in a row, but in the last few hours the operation was postponed, which was delighted by Boca. "I find it hard to get back to earth," someone from the Huve area said last night. But in football there is nothing impossible and to date Boca can dream of the most famous Neuquino.

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