Sunday , May 9 2021

The car crashed in Riachuelo during the early hours of the morning: a desperate quest for an 8-year-old boy

The drama was captured Sunday morning at the southern border of Buenos Aires. The car in which a 48-year-old man traveled and his 8-year-old son fell to Riachuelo in the early morning, An adult has managed to rearrange and go to the surface with her own means, but the child is still missing. So the members of the Prefecture desperately seek the child.

The incident happened shortly before three in the morning on Sunday in Pellegrini Street, about 150 meters from the Bosch Bridge. The man, initially S.E., was driving the black Chevrolet Aveo when he lost control in the bandage and the controversial area, broke the protective fence and dropped into the water.

According to the first information, the man came desperately from the water seeking help for the cries. There were two police officers from Buenos Aires who were controlling the area and then commented that his eight-year-old son, M., traveled with him in the back seat.

Early in the morning, tactical divers from the Buenos Aires Fire Department and the Navy Prefecture meet on a raking along the coast to find a vehicle. When water visibility is zero, cleansing is performed by blind pointing. The search area is about four meters deep.

"We are working with tactical divers on the shore, carrying debris to the Bosch Bridge with the help of Navy Prefecture personnel," said Andrés Rosa Fioriti, firefighter unit leader, in Crónica.

There are 50 police officers in the city and the province of Buenos Aires, Navy Prefecture and three firefighters.

The man who tried to go to the water to rescue his son was interned at Penna Hospital.

According to the first information, the mother was informed of what had happened and traveled from the Tucumán province to Buenos Aires. Also expecting a son of 17 and a daughter of 14 years is expected.

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