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The daughter of Andrea del Boca gave her the first interview and discovered the abuse

Anna Chiara she's a daughter Andrea del Boca and we always knew what the actress was counting or the juvenile discovered in the nets. But this time the story has changed.

Today the girl is ages and she decided to speak in her first exclusive interview with the magazine. Anna's face is surprised when she reveals: "I was born again from rejection, abuse and pain."

She spoke about childhood and mistreatment she had received from her father, Ricardo Biasotti, which is considered their male parent. Let us recall that Anni was forbidden to talk about his private life for the court dispute that his father had kept, which he had not seen for nine years.

About this relationship, he said: "There are different kinds of abuse, physical, verbal, sexual or psychological." When I was with him I did not feel respected, I did not feel like home, I did not feel loved. while I was staring at the family night … I did not understand why, so he looked at me and said, "You're stupid like a donkey, I do not want you beside me." I was nine and I did not want to see him anymore. "

Del Boca also admitted having been bullied at school and having remembered childhood: "I was tired of living in a psychologist and judge environment, I can not say how many times I had to talk to psychologists, I was very young and I thought I had to go so many times because I was not mentally good.

"In these years I felt in the box, screaming and nobody listened to me," he said. He is currently feeling free and confident that he has been able to cure wounds thanks to the love of his mother's family.

Anna Chiara, about the legal situation she faced her mother for cash received during Kirchner's government, simply said, "That's bullshit, I can not handle people who talk badly about my mother, television lies."

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