Thursday , May 6 2021

The "Download SUBE" app has added new compatible phones

The "SUBE Beta Upload" application, which allows you to credit the SUBE card so that you only support mobile phones, not just new phones that are compatible with the application, but also extend your functions to facilitate the loading and consulting process.

Load SUBE Beta enables NFC Smartphone technology to see real-time status and to credit up to 10 electronic fees per day on one or more cards.

Now also allow access to several load options: from the "SUBE Load" option, users will have all payment methods to choose where to buy the balance.

Then it can be accredited by the application as they did, supporting the SUBE directly behind the phone. Users will also receive discount and promotion notifications.

Another feature that is added is the ability to copy the number of the status card, the billing in the payment application, and the time savings to enter 16 SUBE numbers.

In addition, the functionality of activating the check button for the tours is underway.

Carga SUBE Beta was presented by the Ministry of Transport on December 10 last year and already has 270 thousand downloads and benefits more than 425,000 people. Since its release, the average takeover was almost 2,000 daily.

Available in Google Playstore in beta, which means it is still in development and therefore not yet available for all phone models.

How to load in the app

1. Enter SUBE Load Beta and select the "Load SUBE" option.

2. After purchasing the loan, go to the button to credit the costs.

3. Support and maintain the SUBE behind the phone and automatically have a new balance.

4. And ready for use.

– You can lend up to 10 fees a day on various SUBE cards

Mobile phones that are currently compatible with the application

1. Android operating system (version 4.4.1 or later).

2. NFC technology.

3. Antenna compatible with SUBEAN antenna.

4. Mobile data / WIFI.

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