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The downsizing is defined: what each team needs to follow in First

The races were crowned by the Argentine Superliga champion, and qualified places for international cups are almost defined. However, the emotions, especially the anxieties and drama at the end of the season have not ended because there is another important battle, which is an attempt to rescue from falling.

San Martin de Tucumán was the first team to fall into the category. There are still three places occupied, and there are four teams that strive not to fall into the First National Assembly together with "Santos" from Tucuman.


The Patronato de Paraná, which is currently out of the downsizing zone, San Martín de San Juan, Tigre and Belgrano de Córdoba are the teams that will play the next weekend when the relevant date is 25, the last day of the Superliga.


SAN MARTÍN DE TUCUMÁN (0.916) (descended into National B)

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi could not do a miracle. Tonight he visited Estudiantes de La Plata, and the last day he will receive San Lorenzo. However, mathematically he lost his chance to maintain the category.

DATE 25: will receive San Lorenzo on Friday (21:10 by Fox Sports Premium)

BELGRANO DE CÓRDOBA (1,074) (in the lowering zone)
It is one of the most accomplished teams and most can strive to achieve tie-breaks. From Patronata de Paraná, a team that is currently preparing a category, these are three points. If the "Pirat" wins in the last match against Godoy Cruz and Entre Ríos's team loses the next weekend against Argentinos Juniors at home, he will achieve the goal.

DATE 25: Godoy Cruz will receive on Sunday (15:15 TNT Sports)

TIGER (1.086) (in the lowering zone)

Like Belgrano de Cordoba, "Matador" does not depend on himself to achieve the first division. Team "Pipo" Gorosita will have to defeat the river in Monumental and hope that Patronato de Paraná will not win Argentinos Juniors because it is two points behind the Entre Ríos team. There may also be a tiebreaker with San Martino de San Juan if the Cuyano team wins in the last match of Talleres y Tigre against the "Millionaire".

DATE 25: Sunday to Visit the River (15:15 to Fox Sports Premium)

SAN MARTÍN DE SAN JUAN (1,086) (in the lowering zone)
After settling with Colon in Santa Fe, you will have to beat Talleres de Cordoba in San Juan and hope that Patronato de Paraná will not win at Argentinos Juniors.

DATE 25: Sunday will get workshops (15:15 for Fox Sports Premium)

PATRONATO DE PARANA (1111) (outside the descent zone)
The maintenance of a category depends on itself. If the "patron" binds or loses before "Bicho", it must wait for Tigers, Belgrans and San Martino de San Juan to know what the next destination is.

DATE 25: Sunday will get Argentinos (15:15 TNT Sports)

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