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The expert committee met with Aguad but did not submit a final report

Divers will wait for the photo of the promised Ocean Infinity; strong hermeticism at the meeting

Five days after he knew the outcome

ARA San Juan

, confirming death
of its 44 crew members and amidst a strong secret of the defense minister,

Oscara Aguada

, yesterday received members of the Underwater Experts Commission set up 11 months ago to investigate what happened in the tragedy.

The meeting was held yesterday afternoon in the Ministry of Defense and, despite the expectations that arose at the meeting, the committee did not submit a final report to the minister.

It all seems to indicate that some mistake prevented the completion of the report.

The team of experts includes Admiral Admu Trama and Alejandro Kenny and Captain Jorge Bergallo, whose son Jorge Ignacio Bergallo is one of the victims of shipwreck, a recognized trajectory.

There were no official explanations of the game or the result. Although the climate of meeting was warm, he was not relieved of the moment of tension.

Sources related to the defense area allow it to be known that the expert commission's intention is to wait for the documentation of Ocean Infinity, which has promised to deliver material of 67,000 photos before concluding the final report. However, in the immediate vicinity of the commission, when asked if there is a problem, it was answered: "We are not on our side".

The team of experts was formed a month after the sinking of the submarine to investigate the causes that could be caused by the loss of ARA San Juan, so that the still images in the hands of the company are important for divers.

In the meantime,
yesterday was judged by federal judge Calete Olivie, Marta Yáñez
"In the chain of responsibilities the president is very far away" when he was consulted on the ability to

Mauricio Macri

could be involved in the investigation, in the capacity of the chief commander of the armed forces.

"It's a long way off," the judge dismissed, who will travel to Buenos Aires tomorrow.

Hydrographic mapping

It was initially indicated that the judge would come to this city to personally receive 67,000 photos that Ocean Infinity would give her as a result
the search operations, which they concluded with the submarine find, at a depth of 907 meters.

However, the Navy was registered last night
NATION that the castle constructor is still traveling to Cape Town, where it will arrive in two weeks.

In addition, naval sources have shown that Ocean Infinity supplies a magistrate, which will include the hydrographic mapping of the incident area, still in the process, in the hands of company technicians.

The Commission has analyzed several months of conflicting events that would lead to the submarine implosion. From its inception, its members have started "with the greatest asphyxiation and possible distance" from the Ministry of Defense who called them to the agitated climate that covered the Navy from the tragedy.

In the last few weeks, some versions have shown that the findings of the report spin around the error in one of the internal ventilation valves, which could result in water inlet in the battery compartment and later short circuit. But this hypothesis was entrusted or the defense did not confirm.

During its eleven months of work, the teams of Trama, Kenny and Bergallo, have analyzed in detail the previous cases and numerous international bibliographies, in consultation with international experts. They met with experts who repaired the submarine half-life.

They also addressed the Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Test (Ctbto), a body that discovered "hydroacoustic anomaly" at 10.51 on November 15, 2017, just over two hours after the last satellite signal from ARA San Juan.

As published
NATION, the Argentine ambassador to Austria and a representative in front of Ctbto Rafael Grossi warned that the place where the submarine was finally found at a distance of 15 to 18 kilometers from where the explosion was discovered.

They are seeking to preserve the evidence of the submarine

Legislators who make a two-week review committee reviewing the collapse of ARA San Juan agreed to request a report from Ocean Infinity and Federal Judge Caleta Olivia, Marta Yáñez, to find out about the conservation measures taken to investigate what happened to the submarine. Information will also be requested from navy officers who traveled to Austria to confirm the hydroacoustic event. Yesterday a minute of silence was made in memory of the victims.

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