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The government responded to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and again called on him to agree on resources for the work of the Buenos Aires police

Alberto Fernandez Larreta
Alberto Fernandez Larreta

The national government responded to a letter in which the head of government of the city of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, declined an invitation to a meeting to agree on Buenos Aires police funds and again invited him to a meeting scheduled for this Monday, at 3 p.m.

“We reiterate the call for dialogue in good faith, based on respect for institutions, and once again invite the Prime Minister to a preliminary meeting to be held on Monday, 4 January 2021 at 15:00 in the Shields Hall.”, points to a letter sent by the Ministers of the Interior and Economy, Ed“Wado” by Pedro and Martin Guzman that is. And add as alternate dates “January 6, 7 or 8 of the current year at the same time and place.”

“We understand that there is no higher standard of legality and institutionality than convening an official meeting within the law, which was not only discussed and sanctioned as required by the National Constitution, but also adapts the transfer procedure to the requirements of the latter. establishes in its Article 75, subsection 2, fifth paragraph, differentiating the resources corresponding to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for the said concept from those provided for in Article 8 of Law no. 23,548, position supported by the governors of TWENTY-THREE (23) provinces at the time of signing the Fiscal Consensus, December 4, 2020. (, they noted in a note.

In this regard, they also noted that “without prejudice to ignoring as erroneous the arguments put forward in the reference letter by the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, those who sign on behalf of the Ministries of Economy and Interior ratify the will of the national government to cooperate with all provinces. countries and the City of Buenos Aires on the basis of dialogue and responsibility ”.

Eduardo "Wado" De Pedro and Martín Guzmán sent a letter to the Government of Buenos Aires
Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro and Martín Guzmán sent a letter to the government of Buenos Aires

Rodríguez Larreta announced this yesterday under no circumstances will he withdraw the appeal for unconstitutionality which he filed last Monday before the Supreme Court against Law 27,606,, yes it is removes 1.18% of the money it receives from the nation state from the administration of Buenos Aires, this will move from 3.5% participation to 2.32%. A law approved in Congress by Frente de Todos and her allies stipulates that, due to the transfer of the Federal Police to the city of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires administration will receive an annual $ 24,500 million, in 12 monthly installments.

An appeal lodged by Rodríguez Larreta, to which he had access Infobae, generally states that the law promoted by the government of Albert Fernández It is unconstitutional because it “violates a conventional or harmonized character” which should regulate both the transfer of authority and security functions, as well as the coefficient of participation corresponding to this city.

As they point out, both issues “have already been resolved and agreed to beforehand”, so, therefore, the new law “affects the acquired rights of the city of Buenos Aires”.

While, the Frente de Todos bloc in the legislature Buenos Aires qualified as “inexplicable” the attitude of the head of the government of Buenos Aires to reject the invitation of the national government to agree on the amount that the district will have this year to finance the metropolitan police.

“The head of government insists on transforming the strictly institutional issue – definitely ordering the framework for the transfer of the Federal Police, which in 2016 incorrectly carried out Mauricio Macri – into a political conflict.”the opposition group said in a document released this week.

Edward's message "Wado" From Pedro on social media
Message from Eduardo “Wade” De Pedro on social media

Rodríguez Larreta announced in a letter on Saturday his decision not to attend a meeting convened by the National Administration to begin dealing with the relocation of police to the capital, noting that he had raised the “unconstitutionality” of a rule sanctioned by Congress before the Supreme Court.

The Buenos Aires block of the Frente de Todos is expressed “His deepest concern, faced with the inexplicable rejection of Porteño’s call for dialogue by the National Executive, under Law 27,606.”

They also added that this decision by Rodríguez Larreta “prevents us from reaching a lasting agreement from Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires by force of law, which defines budget items corresponding to the said transfer, in accordance with the provisions of Article 75 para. 2 para. 5 of the Constitution. National “.

In a statement, they stated that “there is no valid basis for refusing the dialogue, the judgment conducted by the city government, because – in no way – there was a condition for the said invitation, nor does it imply any waiver of judicial action.”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta rejects government call to agree on Buenos Aires police funds
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta rejects government call to agree on Buenos Aires police funds

In that sense, they specified: “We call on the authorities to adhere to the Congressional Act, which, no more and no less, does not seek to provide legal certainty in the future, an issue that the previous government resolved with a decree and without serious analysis regarding budget items. “.

“Rejecting dialogue is never an option, even less so, no more and no less, than reaching agreement on the numbers that are on the table and that just need to be analyzed,” they argued, while ultimately asking Rodríguez Larreta to “reconsider this incomprehensible decision and return to the path of rationality and democratic dialogue “.

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