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The government will impose sanctions on Edenor and Edesur

In government they tried to reduce the popular anger due to power outages capital and GBA, Dealing with the attacks of opponents and allies – in the afternoon Propeller Carrio to tweetao "Edenor and Edesur have increases that are not justified"– and the social bad humor, the official communication distributed a newsletter that she showed to the secretary strength, a former deputy boss Gustavo Lopetegui, meeting with oil sector businessmen to tackle losses for investment subsidies Dead cow.

Photo was not naive: due to changes in budget negotiations and Fiscal Pact, there was a transfer of control over Edesur and Edenor in capital and province, respectively. This will be the last summer nation he has to take on the political costs of increasing customs and control. On the one hand, they throw the ball to neighboring administrations – today the allies do not know what will happen, elections through, 2020 – begin to give it a profile as an investment agency strength and in the meantime come from ENRE – regulatory body – announcement of sanctions.


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Actually, a statement estate, from whom it depends strength, emphasized that "when there are courts, there are always sanctions ENRE, although it's also important to remember that service breakdown fell from 19.3 average hours per user during the reign Cristina Kirchner up to 14.3 hours in current administration & # 39 ;.

Prior to the consultation of these newspapers, the regulator said they knew the amount and type of sanctions we'll have to wait until we get the final data for the September-February period & # 39;Penalties can be semi-annual or extraordinary.

They also postpone payment of fees to users affected by the breakdown. Over the next few days, client accounts will include a fee for resident users affected by power cuts of 20 or more hours in a row during December 2017 and February 2018. In this file more than 70,000 victims.

Administration Let's change The fourth year of management began, in which it decided to adjust the rates for investment firms and avoid system collapse in the midst of high temperatures. But massive power surges continue in the event of another hot wave, they will return to AMBA.

The ruling party, however, predicts that the rate will increase after the elections go through. With current rates, only 74% of production and distribution costs are covered when it is barely 9% during Kirchenism.

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