Sunday , May 9 2021

The little princess spoke of her brother's violent video

"I did it out of fear, and then I got the blame, but I did it to ask for help," he said.

Buenos Aires After expressing concern over the pictures posted on his Instagram account, Princess Karina interrupted the silence and talked of the violent episode she had with her brother Jonathan at the family table during New Year's Eve.

"I did this by fear, we had a very bad time, I called the police and did not give me much balls, and when I got up I grabbed the blame, but I did it to get help," she revealed in the Intruders, on a video he wrote to his brother throwing blows into the air, offending and breaking a part of the house.

"I could not even remember what the number was for violence, I called 911 and they did not even ask me what happened and gave me forty-thousand prefix numbers." I tried to get rid of it as I could, he added.

"Besides being strong and brave, I will not deny that sometimes I do not know how to solve those issues." Karina Mala princess. singer

"Then I felt guilty and sorry, but then that happened to me," he said about audiovisual material that lasted 15 minutes in his account, but immediately became a viral. "I think it was a request for help, not just for me, but for my brother as well." He is also a victim because he grew up in a house with violence. "Repeating the patterns that lived, he needed help, he said." I do not want to sit down to destroy my brother, but my old lady calls the police for her aggression. It would be good if they could file a complaint to the police station, "he said with anxiety.

"He's like that, he's like my dad." We came to pull it a long time ago. It is difficult to separate the love someone feels to a loved one, he concluded.


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