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"The message is" We Do What We Want "| Sergio …

"Closing this case is a clear message for society:" We do what we want, "Sergio Maldonado warned several hours after hearing Pabla Lleral's decision to close the case of his brother Santiago's forced disappearance, together with his wife and family attorney "It was for the first time that we were afraid," after reading the Twitter message from Patricia Bullrich, security minister, who accused them of lying and trying to fool the company. "If they do this by Santiago, how will not anyone go to show afraid? "," what's next? ", smiles Sergio.

During the press conference at the CTA headquarters in Bariloche, Sergio and his wife, Andrea Antico, and Veronica Heredia's lawyer continued their impressions and dismissal of the news about the closure of the investigation due to the forced disappearance of Santiago, for which Judge Lleral "no one is criminally responsible". "We expected not to expect it from the brutal and grotesque moment when it decides," Heredia said on the news published the day before the G20 summit began with the militarized city of Buenos Aires, although he recalled that the Santiago body appeared on October 17 – matching the day when Luciano Arruga was found – and that the results of the autopsy were known hours before the parliamentary elections last year.

"We will fight this resolution from a legal point of view and in the streets," said Heredia, who announced that the family would file complaints in all cases, although she regretted that "we know that we will reject the orders because they dismiss it all year and a half ago" recalled the latest rejection by the Supreme Court for the family's request to form an independent group of investigators for conducting investigations of the Ministry of Security's dependent forces. The lawyer warned that the other way was to "confront the machinery and lie of the state on the street, requiring memory, truth and justice."

Heredia – representing the family of the missing young John Torres – gave an example of Guillermo's fight "Coco" Garrido, who was found in Warsaw in cell in El Bolson in 2011. And this week was the oral hearing that the police were responsible for his death sues. "These are times to face a state that is beginning to die, torture and disappear," the lawyer said.

In that tone Sergio considered that Lleral's decision to close the case and dismiss the gendarme Emmanuel Echazú's "message to the society:" We are doing what we want ". "We feared for the first time today," he admitted Maldonado after saying a message posted on Twitter by Patricia Bullrich, who pointed to the family and civil society organizations that demand justice for Santiago's death. "Imagine what families who do not get the support we get can feel, how sensitive they are to the state," Sergio said.

Not long ago, Heredia reviewed the alignment Judo Guido Otranto had printed in that case, recalled that the secretary of the Ministry of Security Miguel Cané accredited in the magistrates' office and described how "use as a curtain" causes habeas corpus and forcible disappearance, the first tens of pages the case spotted the Santiago family. "What justice has done is the use of forced disappearance and habeas corpus, where you can investigate public powers, to investigate us," he said, not forgetting the role of prosecutor Silvio Avila.

The lawyer also reminded of the anticipated strategic measures of justice "a journalist, who then wrote in La Nationa", referring to Loreley Gaffoglio, and then presented the Cané before the court. "Many of the journalists have posed the need to be the cause," Antico added in this regard and condemned that "the person who received the FOPEA award (Clarín and Télam Claudio Andrade) told us that if we gave him the notes, what we have hidden will be visible. "

Sister Šerence complained of hate messages and attacks she had received during all these months and feelings of injustice because of what had happened in the case, but said that the Maldonado family "believes the path of justice." "I hope the truth will come to light at some point," she wished.

During the conference, Sergio and Heredia returned to a list of measures that had rejected justice in order to deepen the repressive operation of the police, under the responsibility of Head of Security, Pablo Nocetti; doubts about the outcome of the autopsy and the place where Santiago's body appeared, "which could never have come during the bullfight," Heredia said. As for the INTI expert report on DNI in Santiago, which yesterday went to Clarín and Infobae, and was the reason for the case being closed, the lawyer described him as "very seriously".

"The judge yesterday received expert report results in the morning and in less than 24 hours, said the test, analyzed and wrote the resolution," Heredia said ironically.

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