Monday , May 17 2021

The mouth needs a speaker to swallow the trainer

Source: AP – Records: Gustavo Garello

Gustavo Alfaro

love of words. In some clubs, he worked as an oratorio. Olimpo and Quilmes will never forget it after the historic promotions from B Nationals. Much less of Arsenal, the champion of almost all the time

Julio Grondona

as President of AFA. The same Grondona who prevented him from leaving in 2007


Go irony. Not before and now do. But he is also the same coach who could not withstand the big challenges of his career. San Lorenzo had a sigh. The Rosario Central is despicable. In gymnastics nobody has invested too much effort to keep it. And in Hurricane … in Hurricane is another problem. He liked the sport and watched from the corner of the eye to the attitude that led to his involvement in Boca. As it was halfway through what, for example, has achieved Angel Cappa, the runner most remembered at Parque de los Patricios.

Alfaro wanted to be good with everyone. And he could not. Sometimes the leaders do not respect the contracts. And, sometimes, as in this case, coaches. In the distance it seemed that the sword was exaggerated with Article 88 of the Labor Act. It is true that all the regulations. That is fair. But football does not respect such strict regulations. Football, more for evil than for good, is led by feelings, those stadiums that have voice and voice. Alfaro must not forget that Boca, headed by Daniel Angelic, threw Carlos Bianchi, a man with a statue.

Starting with today, there will be another story. Alfaro can no longer speak of a hurricane or his attitudes before the bottle. Last night, Angelica and Technical Secretary Nicolás Burdisso tried to protect him. Both have asked the journalists not to ask questions about the Boka that will come, victims and reinforcements, as if the coach has to remove old mistakes. But fans of the xenize wanted to hear it: what would happen to a team that would look for a trilateral championship in Superliga and should forget about the final loss of the River in the Copa Libertadores as soon as possible. According to other parameters, Angelica needs to follow the election year, and Nicolas Burdisso dreams of confirming all the good references that his brother Guillermo fell to Alfaro, his coach at Arsenal.

Angelici hired a politically correct technical director. One of Alfaro's first things was to praise his predecessor, Guillermo Barroso Schelto, and although he did not even talk to the players, he said the final duel for the finals had already been lost. Strategic move by Alfaro did it and reached high. I do not know if tomorrow will come to look for Real Madrid. But he must not forget his words: "The mouth has no cleansing, it is heaven or hell."

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