Saturday , May 15 2021

The new league legend Legenda would have arrived in early 2019

One more year it seems that the leak destroys the Christmas rebellion. This time it was The thread in the reddit is the one that discovered the list of changes for the beginning of 2019 which emphasizes the appearance of a new champion as well as a series of products and skins that will arrive later than later.

The thread that was eliminated within hours of being released, but could be saved by many fans who knew they could talk about it. Of course there is no official data that the list is authentic but it does not seem unreasonable that some of this may come to our computer during 2019

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Among the listed Skins are the aspects Sejani and Tahm Kench, Kha Zix and Rengar, Tristan, Neeko and Nun, Veigar, Office and Syndra, plus legendary leather for Ivern which puts a good amount of content in front of the table.

In addition to the skin we can enjoy according to these sources processing Kayle and Morgan and Volibear:

  • kayle: Apparent kayle This will change when you straighten up. Your final ability will be similar to that AAtrox although improvement improves other abilities.
  • Morgan: Your W will have costs and crush your enemies.
  • Volibear: His ultimate ability will give him a bundle that will hijack nearby enemies.


Little is known about the new champion, but some interesting features are already being rejected. For now, according to the curb of income, we can speculate that we are dealing with a figure that will wear chains, The role of the tank is located in the upper street.

As for his abilities in accordance with his curse Q will raise the enemies by throwing them later on a small distance, His skill final, we just know the moment you do the "earthquake" effect

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