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The new madness of Oscar Ruggery: nodded an Easter egg on TV show

Characteristics Oscar Ruggeri In his time as defender, they were very notorious. With great gaming in the air, branded solidity and roughness in every intervention stubborn It became legend of Argentine football.

First San Lorenzo contests 2 finals of the world, 4 editions of Copa America and went through high clubs like it Real Madrid, Boca and RiverHowever, when he tried his luck as technical director he did not achieve the expected results.

Far from the shore of the shore and the boots that hang over 10 years, a charismatic former defender Corral de Bustos He became a favorite television personality and accepted by all fans of the ball.

In his last appearance 90 minutes. Ruggeri closed the program that was released Fox Sports with the parody of what his days were in the courts. At the driver's request chicken and vignolo. stubborn eviscerate the easter egg, ahead of the religious festival to be held next Sunday.

Center Raúl Cascini and ineffective brand Daniel Arcucci They ended the scene that caused laughter among the present and the audience. As it may be different, a piece of chocolate ended with a hole that allowed her to see her fill. Probably the protagonists will probably taste the sweetness at the end of the day, destroying the former headquarters. As in his time as a football player, Cabezón showed that he had eggs. A lot of eggs

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